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Testimonials From Real Clients

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Wilmington Cannabis Docs
Based on 7 reviews
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Olabode Odusanya
Olabode Odusanya
09:33 12 Dec 23
I have to say Mrs Roseline Jason FX. is way above every other crypto and Forex trader. I’ve invested with her and can... testify of her aptitude and expertise in trading. Thanks to her for helping me profit more than $30,000 weekly. I couldn't have made it without her effort and guidance. Contact her to help you trade and earn better in the forex market through her
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp: +1(971) 6665672
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Syanda Dube
Syanda Dube
01:39 16 Nov 22
This is a great period of time to Invest and earn reasonable profits with great signals on Bitcoin and Forex trade,... with the help of a woman called Mrs Helen Wayne, she is the best account manager I have ever known or heard of. She has been helping me. I started with just $2,500 and now am getting great profits like $11,100 upward. You get to withdraw yourself after 7 days of trading, No extra commissions. If interested, you can contact her via Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp +1 (740) 621-5496.
She is very trustworthy and reliable.
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Brandon Bevins
Brandon Bevins
16:36 10 Nov 22
I love Fells Point Cannabis Docs because of their professionalism, how they made... their hq an art gallery as well as a holistic health center for people in need of medicinal cannabis.

I have had the opportunity to meet Aaron S., who I believe is one of the people who run the business aspect, and he's just an all-around great guy who really has the right motivation and intention for the future of cannabis in Maryland.
we're lucky to have him.

come be a part of the team/family. I may not be able to see or talk to FPCD very often (COVID and recently taking care of my father) but every time I need them they always come through for me. I really appreciate that.
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Annie Pruitt
Annie Pruitt
16:08 14 May 20
This was a great experience. They really care and I felt it. Thank you.
Jayme Cutting
Jayme Cutting
19:37 20 Apr 19
The CRNP and staff were so caring and even helped me with the MMCC card. I don't know why I waited so long to try this... alternative, they made it so easy. They are the BEST!read more
Christopher Birdz Van Putten
Christopher Birdz Van Putten
10:28 26 Mar 19
Amazing, impeccable quality! 😀
Eakins April Davis
Eakins April Davis
23:26 25 Mar 19
Great information for those who live there. Unfortunately I live in Missouri. I will however give your page 5... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️read more
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From Weedmaps

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Thank you for making the recertification process so much easier


super nice and simple!


very nice, even let me use their printer too print my temporary ID as a caregiver. 🙂


Smooth experience


From the time I walked in the door, to the time I left I felt very comfortable. I looked pretty bummy today so it’s nice to have a place that looks at the paitent and doesn’t judge. I definitely will recommend friends.


First visit


The staff and doctor at the center are awesome. Arron walked me through every step and was very knowledgeable. The doctor was so full of information and gave me some great advice to help my pain issues. I will definitely recommend and return to this center.


Love it!


Great customer service very friendly and happy!


Highly Recommend!


Title says it all! THE place to go if you’re thinking about medicating yourself w/Cannabis! The folks there are very professional, private, knowledgeable, and very caring! They ask the right questions to draw you out and to make you feel comfortable talking to them about what your ailments are and how Cannabis can help. They even provide classes that educate you on everything about Cannabis! If you’re looking for a trustworthy place to talk about Cannabis, try Wilmington Cannabis Docs! You are worth it and deserve the very best! Cheers!


Their Great


Just wanted to tell everyone to visit Fellas Point Cannabis Docs…. they are great people with great friendly service and staff. They also have same day service with little to no wait time. Check them out!


Best place and great people


Really nice people and Melissa the NP was pretty awesome. There is no other place I will go to for my prescription.


Quick and easy


If you have any kind of severe or chronic pain, this place will take care of you (Need Basic documentation from a prior health Care provider). If you already have MMP number you can walk to Greenlabs dispensary across the street after your appointment and make your first purchase!!


professional !!!


Very laid back, clean, relaxed & welcoming atmosphere.. Processing was smooth.. Everyone was really nice..Hope to make a few classes there.. MikeH..


Professional and courteous


They were very helpful for someone like me who is very inexperienced and the staff was very friendly and professional. I like that they have classes for newbies too!


The Best!


This was an absolute pleasure.


Loved it


This was an amazing experience! The staff was amazing; welcoming and thorough. They offer a wide range of services and classes for those looking to educate themselves on the benefits of cannabis. I highy recommend!!


Medical Marijuana Prescription


This place was very hospitable and everyone that worked there was very nice. I highly recommend!


bets cannabis clinic out there !


what a great place! I walked in and everyone was nice and pleasant, they showed me the proper way to get the kind of medical marijuana I wanted. On top of all that they did it in a timely fashion.



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